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    Wildwood Outfitters - Chattahoochee River Trips, North Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers. If you have a question that isn’t addressed here please feel free to call us at (706) 865-4451 or send us an email.

Yes! Beginners can paddle each of the four sections. Section II has the largest rapids and can be paddled by beginners in kayaks and rafts. Beginners in canoes can paddle Section I.

We book up on weekends so it’s best to make a reservation. During the week, small groups can usually walk-in with no problem, but we can not guarantee.

5 years old.

Definitely!  You should always wear a life jacket when boating.

Yes! You could  injure your feet if they are not covered by water shoes or tennis shoes. DO NOT wear  flip-flops – they don’t make good water shoes.

Yes. There is space for a small lunch cooler in rafts and canoes. Kayaks have a place for a water bottle. Please NO alcoholic beverages on the trip.

Yes, you can bring your dog but please be sure he/she is comfortable with boats and water.

It is best to wear swimsuit or shorts and a t-shirt that you are comfortable with getting wet.  Sunblock is also a good idea.